Pantomime Studios
What you will learn at Pantomime Studios
*Complete theatrical pantomime technique*
Through exercises and improvisation, students will learn basic theatre and acting skills, as well as the physical and dramatic techniques of the art of pantomime, including:

*Body control and movement
*Stanislavski-based acting technique
*Expression of emotion
*Illusion techniques
*Development of imagination

*Pantomime applications for film acting*

Students will learn how storyboards are used to visualize the action of a film before it is shot. They will also learn how to use illusion techniques to do Green/Blue Screen work in front of a camera.

Green/Blue Screen is a film/video technique used to film actors in a studio in front of an empty backdrop and then combine their image with a separately filmed background image to make it appear as if the actors were actually filmed at the location. This technique is also used to combine computer-generated backgrounds, characters, and effects with live action. Students will learn how to use illusion techniques from pantomime in a more realistic acting style to create the illusion that they are interacting with environments, characters, or objects that are not there with them but which will be added later.

*Artistic discipline - Skills for the “professional” actor*
Students will learn important aspects of being a professional performer, including how actors are expected to conduct themselves in professional situations, and how to deal with other people in the business.