What is The Pantomime Studios and Why Should We Learn Pantomime? Pantomime Studios is a place for performers of all kinds to learn the art of using the body as an instrument of theatrical expression.

Pantomime is a performing art in which the actor uses the body to express thought, emotion, story, and character in ways that go beyond words. The pantomime actor also has the physical skills to create the illusion of objects, people, and everything in his entire environment, and to use time and space differently than in traditional, realistic performance.

The pantomime actor is a master of movement, and although movement in pantomime is very stylized, a performer trained in pantomime can also use movement more effectively in other performing arts such as traditional acting for theatre and film, dance, stand-up comedy, live entertainment for corporate events, and more. In fact, many famous performers have studied or practiced pantomime, or have used pantomime in their work, including: Charlie Chaplin, Steven Berkoff, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Jackie Chan, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Irwin, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Lange, Gates McFadden, Geoffrey Rush, Lily Tomlin, Dick Van Dyke, and Robin Williams.

As a student at Pantomime Studios, you will learn the physical and dramatic skills of this art, and depending on your talent and dedication, you will be given opportunities to perform in front of live audiences, to express your emotions, to transport yourself into an imaginary world, and to audition for World Gate Entertainment.
Opportunities are unlimited!

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The Pantomime Studios Instructors:

You will be given lessons by the professional actors in the field: Nicolas J., former student of pantomime legend Marcel Marceau. Nicolas J. is also a producer and director for the 4 time award wining film: "The Marionette". Instructors also include professional actress Hatuna Oliver, actress and show entertainment choreographer. She was formerly an actress in the Georgian State Pantomime Theatre (Republic of Georgia).

Classes are limited and require advance registration.

"Mime is the universal language in its non verbal expression of thought and emotion. It transcends spoken words, borders and even beliefs. We all laugh and cry the same way"... Marcel Marceau
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